The Booths are what make Booth 66 fun to be a part of. Utilizing the BEST tool for the trade is never a bad thing!  Whether the more traditional sense of a photo booth like our BULB (enclosed) fits your event needs, or you are looking for the Social Click or BULB STUDIO, the true champions amongst the promotional world of today’s marketing open-air style photos booths, we are sure to take your event to the next level.

The BULB Enclosed – Our Traditional Booth; Fast, High Quality & Captures Body Language

Introducing our flagship photo booth… meet The BULB. Quality is the number one goal of this booth with the second consideration of speed! The combination of speed and quality makes the BULB the most entertaining booth available. Why is this state of the art booth called the BULB? For several reasons, but mostly due to its footprint being similar to the shape of a light bulb! This allows subjects to spread out once inside the booth to accommodate anywhere from a single guest to a larger group with ease, but can be moved into tight locations due to their unique portability features. Leading to the other reason for their name… Booth66 Urban Lightweight Booth, or for short, the BULB!  Our booths have helped to solidify our reputation as the high-class photo booth rental company within our markets… all for our clients to reap the benefits of while having the time of their lives!

There are three main characteristics that make a Booth 66 photo booth the best choice… Quality, Speed and Photo Frame. Quality: Some booths use point and shoot cameras, web cams or video cameras to capture the images, limiting the quality from the photo from the start. The BULB use 12 to 18 mega-pixel DSLR cameras to capture the highest quality photo from the beginning. Quality is not only reflected within the photos, but the booth itself is event tested and client approved! Speed: The faster the booth, the more entertainment is available to be had! A simple process means more sessions at your event. Our BULB booths can accommodate up to 80 sessions an hour and the process is reset and ready for the next group prior to the prints dropping in the built-in tray, so the booth becomes a revolving door of activity! Photo Frame: This is one item that most do not think about but makes a world of difference in the entertainment value of a particular booth. The BULB take a wide angle portrait that captures everything from waist level to the ceiling of the booth. This allows the capture of “Body Language” which is much more entertaining than a traditional tight squeeze head shot

The BULB STUDIO – Open Air set-up with no walls to restrict the action!photo

Our flagship photo booth can also be set as an “open air” format.  Removing the ceiling, floor, curtains and back wall and shooting against any one of our creative and fun stock backdrops (or custom) creates a whole different atmosphere for your event.  This seems to be the next generation of the “wedding photo booth” here in Texas and we are proud to be pioneers in the industry!  If you are looking for something a little unique and VERY interactive at your next corporate event or wedding, this may be the choice for you.

The Social Click – “Open Air” with Serious Attitude!

Whether we custom create a red carpet style Step & Repeat backdrop for events like launch parties, fundraising events, corporate promotional events, etc, or you choose one of our many unique backdrops, you are sure to capture the crowd in style. The Social Click offers a whole new perspective to photo entertainment to our already hugely popular line of traditional photobooths in that is is a visually attractive scene and photo slideshow at the event. Give us a call and we can chat about the possibilities with the Social Click at your next event!
“SSS” – The Social Share Station for on-site guest socialization!Everyone loves instant!  Not only do most of our packages include physical prints right out of the booth within seconds after each session, but guests can also share the photos instantly over to our SSS for instant sharing of the digital files.Guests can step to the side(s) where the iPad station(s) would be located to share their photos instantly via several social media avenues including Facebook, Twitter and Email.  We work with you to custom propagate text and links that fit your campaign at hand that will show up on the wall of the guests as they share their photo taken at your event.  Talk about spreading the word!
Custom created Micro-sites with your branding and message built in.  We can set the SSS to create a custom micro-site for each guest that shares photos throughout the event under a particular email address.  After the event, they will access their photo(s) through this micro-site where they will encounter your branding, message, communication, links to your social media sites to become a follower, and even items like embedded text, videos, and photos.  Customized to be what you want it to be!  Below is a couple screenshots of a sample micro-site we put together for Z Tequila in Austin, TX just to get the feel for what this is all about and why it is so powerful.

The SFM “Free Range” Marketing System
– Looking for a marketing photo booth for for more than a few days?

Check out our sister company Social Flash Media (SFM) and the all new SFM Free Range System!  Offering Short to long term lease options and system sales, all powered by a proprietary campaign management system, making SFM the industry leading photo booth marketing solution.

Boasting features such as:photo

  • In-depth Analytics
  • An Intuitive Interface
  • Remote Management of System(s)
  • Flexible Promotion Creation Tools
  • Hardware with an Ultra-Modern Design
  • Fast and Easy Assembly and Transport
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Real Time Activity Monitoring from Anywhere
  • Dynamic Management Matrix (DMM)
  • Guests Upload to Facebook, Twitter & Email
If you are serious about utilizing photo marketing in your social tool bag, this is the platform to get to know.  Visit the Social Flash Media website and request a demo today… you will not be disappointed!  If you want the SFM Free Range system at your next event, but do not necessarily need it in your hands long-term, just let us know and we can arrange that for you.  The Free Range is another platform that Booth 66 has access to for “one-off” events just like the Social Click and BULB photo booths.