We provide the scrapbook with all the necessary supplies to fully finish the scrapbook that night and hand it to you, ready to enjoy.  You get your choice of album from a list of 3 that are currently in-stock.  They hold either 10 or 20 (depending on the album chosen) black matte pages in top loading plastic sleeves and most are expandable beyond the event.  We provide everything needed for the guests to have a hands on experience creating a personalized scrapbook by cutting out photos from their second copy they receive and double sided tape onto the black matte pages and writing their comment, names, etc. next to the photo(s).  When each page is filled up, the attendant will pull them together and add to the album.  We use metallic markers such as silver sharpie markers so the text pops off the black pages.  We also provide the double sided tape, scissors, table and black linen within the package.  Below are a few photos of what the scrapbook process looks like in action to give you a general reference point!

Realistic Scrapbook Expectations… Please note, some times guests do get caught up in the event and don’t leave a copy for you or don’t want to leave one (either because they think they look bad or they love the picture to much to part with it, or they already put another in there and don’t feel like doing it again). We try to get a good mix of the best of the evening but we can’t force guests to participate. I only mention this as we have had a few clients that felt as though the scrapbook did not meet their expectations and thought that every single photo would be placed in the book, which is never the case. Typically guests will take many photos through the evening and only leave a photo from one of their sessions in the album.  This is why we also refer to it as a “scrapbook” which is a more casual and guest participatory item, rather than a “guest book” which has more of a formal, all encompassing record of the night.