The Social Click - Social Media Photo Booth

Ultra modern and stylish gains attention at an event. The standard choice for Promotional events with iPad stand integrated social sharing on-site. Though the true power of this social media photo booth is realized with on-site sharing of the photos, the Social Click is also used for events focused solely on entertainment. Let us know your event needs and we will customize the package to fit!

Fully Interactive

Photos being taken on the front side, while the live slideshow and printing is happening on the backside. It is a revolving door of activity!

Fast, Lab Quality Prints

In 10 seconds, the photos drop in the tray from within the booth cabinet. Fast, quality and flattering! Your guests WILL go back for more.

Fully Brandable

Wrapping the Social Click with a vinyl wrap really makes this booth the best choice for a fully branded activation. Logos and messaging on the booth, prints, slideshow screen, and social channels. Let the buzz begin!

iPad Sharing to Email, Facebook, Twitter.

It's in the name! The SOCIAL click is a buzz creator. Let it set the scene and capture the action.

Available features with the Social Click social media photo booth

Social Media Sharing

Social Media sharing of the photos at the event by way of an added iPad stand with two (or three, depending on traffic estimates) counter facing iPad entry points can be added to the Social Click package. Guests can instantly share their digital photos they just took on the iPads to Email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can even customize the verbiage within the sharing to fit your event.

Animated GIF

Adding movement to the images is a very popular choice with today's digital photo booth. The Social Click is capable of not only printing the multi-pose photo but creating a fun animated GIF as well. The GIF can then be shared by way of the Social Media iPad set-up, which is a prerequisite when adding animated GIF.

Green Screen

Add virtually any creative scene to the background and develop your theme with added overlay graphics to pull together a memorable occasion! This green screen photo booth can achieve much with its flexibility. Boomerang GIFs, Traditional GIFs, Brand Slides within the GIF, the options are almost endless with the Social Click.

Custom Backdrop

Every Social Click package comes with your choice of a stock backdrop (we have 40 to choose from). But, if your event calls for a bit of customization, we can custom create a backdrop for you. Our in-house graphic designers will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for. Or, if better, you can provide any backdrop that we shoot against for your event.

Perfect for all Promotional Activations and some Corporate Entertainment events looking for that interactive, open photo booth feel with the upside of on-site social media photo booth sharing!

View our Photo Booth Packages geared for all types of events.

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Photo Samples from the Social Click social media photo booth

Check out samples below from various events that chose the Social Click. A mix of corporate entertainment and marketing events to get a better idea of the output.

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Give us a ring or drop us an email if you have a quick question and we will be sure to respond as quickly as possible. If you are looking to receive a detailed quote for an event, it is best to use the ``Reserve a Booth`` page under the Contact Us link above.


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