The Free Range Photo Booth Kiosk

The newest addition to the Booth 66 family is our photo booth kiosk. Booth 66 is the exclusive provider for one-off events and activations of the Free Range photo booth Kiosk. Very intuitive, making it capable of stand-alone operation which makes it a great choice for conferences and trade-shows that require large windows of run times.

High Resolution Photos

Because we are Booth 66 and we would not have it any other way! Quality DSLR photos is just sorta our thing. We have always thought that a quality photo experience is remembered more than a one that is not. Add a professional flash viola!

Ultra Portable, Small Footprint

Some event or tradeshow spaces are on the small side. The Free Range is perfect for those ``limited space`` events!

Built-in Social Sharing

On-site social media push at events has become the norm. The Free Range integrates the photo taking and social sharing into one space saving machine, but keeps the processes separated for maximum session rates.

Analytics Reports

Track the spread of your photos with detailed reports, showing number of photos taken shared and total digital engagement through likes, comments, favorites, retweets, and click thrus.

On-Site Printing

If physical printing of the photos at your event is a must, no problem! The Free Range photo booth kiosk connects to the fastest dye-sub photo printers on the market for a streamlined printing process. Every saved photo by the guests results in a lab quality print seconds later!

Brandable Side Wraps

Tie into your branding efforts with the photo booth as well! Make this package yours that day by wrapping the system for maximum exposure.

Key Features of the Free Range Photo Booth Kiosk

Intuitive Process

Social Media sharing of the photos is built into the kiosk and part of the guest experience. Take photos on one side of the kiosk, and share on the other. Two independent processes that allow for a fast paced and interactive atmosphere.

Multiple Layouts

Single-pose or multi-pose, the choice is yours. Most clients tend to do the one-pose format with a particular themed backdrop. In this case, guests take several photos in one ``sitting`` and have a fun time selecting their multiple photos on the back of the kiosk and sharing via email or text message.

Customized Content

Social media promotions are most effective when you can control and suggest the content that is shared with the photos. The Free Range platform allows for a custom branded landing page that every guest receives their photos with, enabling our clients to place select content into the sharing process.

In-Depth Analytics

What good is a well orchestrated social media campaign without the analytics to back your efforts? We track the number of shares, likes, comments, views, videos watched, email opt-ins, fan page gains, and the ever important website click-thrus. Tracking engagement is turn-key with the Free Range photo booth kiosk.


If branding and social sharing is high on your list of priorities, the Free Range photo booth kiosk is the right choice!  Throw this set-up into any social event and watch the selfie frenzy begin.

– Side Wraps to bring the experience into YOUR realm.

– Custom Backdrop when needed, or select from one of our in-stock backdrops for no extra charge.

– On-site Social sharing of the photos to the guests via a Branded landing page delivered instantly by way of Email or SMS text message.  We off-board the social sharing to encourage residual and trusted process for the guests.

– Printing Options available, for that proceless physical takeaway when needed.

– Analytics reports to gauge your social spread from the campaign.

Add it all up and you get a very efficient yet robust social media enabled photo booth kiosk that fits right into your fully branded scene.  Set it up, let the guests engage, and watch the analytics build!

photo booth kiosk austin texas

Perfect for corporate events looking for a turn key promotional solution. Customize the social media content and graphics and let the Free Range go to work!

View our Corporate Photo Marketing Packages to see what best fits your needs.

Photo Samples from the Free Range photo booth kiosk

Check out samples below from various events that chose the Free Range Kiosk, to get a good idea of the output.

A few Brands that have trusted Booth 66!

Keep in Touch

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