Photo Booth Experiential Marketing Experiential Marketing also knows as Engagement Marketing can be defined as, "a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience." [1]  With our Booth 66 photo booth experiential marketing packages we work with our clients to channel the consumer into an active role as both a receiver and sharer of the brand (physically, digitally and socially). [caption id="attachment_12247" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Blues on the Green Austin - We are Blood[/caption] "Rather than looking at consumers as passive receivers of messages, engagement marketers believe
Photobooth Experiences at SXSW As SXSW draws near each year, event planners start gearing up for a full-on ascent on ATX. We call it our Livestyle, here in Austin.  That magical time of year when all walks get together and create a fluid masterpiece of social art that represents the living.  It is all about the complete and utterly intoxicating passion for living in the moment, soaking in the atmosphere and walking away with more than when you arrived.  More knowledge, more soul, a “Livestyle” state to truly strive to live by.  Booth 66’s Livestyle definition: a manner of doing
Enclosed vs Open Photo Booth Ask any couple planning a wedding today and they will tell you that creating a unique, memorable and entertaining event for their guests is a high priority. Entertainment at events is so much more than just picking the right band or DJ and that is why photo booth rentals in Austin and Central Texas are appearing  more and more. Photos are a great on the spot keepsake for you and your guests to take away that night and will have guests looking back on your wedding (whether from fridge or facebook) at the great time
Austin Hill Country Wedding We were out with our new White BULB booth for Audrey and Neil's wedding at Villa Antonia in Jonestown, TX at the end of September. Great group of guests who had a blast both in the booth and out! They took advantage of our new wedding signs and those definitely added to the mix. Our wedding signs are just another stand out item that we sprinkle into our standard Photo Booth prop sets that will take your event beyond the usual silly glasses and hats.  You can check out our Wedding Photo Booth Packages.  
We jumped into the deep end this week with Adult Swim at the Alamo Drafthouse. With a custom print backdrop and side-wraps on the booth they made quite an "impression" on the attendees. The "Good is Good," when you work with a great team like the Alamo Drafthouse events crew. Adult Swim reached out to us to get out the word with social media for their random acts of goodness on campuses across the US. They shared the love with UT students with a free show screening, food, drinks and of course photos! Students could reach out and share their